About Us

Our Goal

Our goal at Dew Serum was to create the best possible product for penis skin health. While there are already many other penis creams & lotions on the market, most are just that. Creams. Barely different from the ones that you put on the rest of your body. Marketed differently.

We wanted Dew Serum to be different. And that meant building a new product. A product that worked like an oil for great, long-lasting hydration – but absorbed like a cream – and also smelled great.

We accomplished our goal, but you will be the final judge. We look forward to hearing your stories!



Our Vision

Our vision is not only to keep working on the best possible product for men’s personal moisturizing, but to educate and to promote ideas around male sexual health: To foster the understanding that male genitalia work best as nature intended – left intact with a protective hood – with natural oils included.

We’d like men to need our product less. And that means less circumcision. It means realizing that avoiding unnecessary surgical intervention is key; that culture and religion, come secondary to the best interests of the child; that male reproductive (and mental) health must be protected.

Creating a sea change in understanding involves not just men but also women. Because couples are making these decisions on behalf of their newborn sons. Most doctors on board these days. Unfortunately, incentives don’t always run in favor of the infant when hospitals can bill insurance companies for yet another add-on procedure…

Learn more about circumcision and foreskin restoration.

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