Bring out the Dew Serum!

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Blog

It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to take a mallet to their penis, but dry penis skin is no joke. And it can happen – even if you’re are uncut. Meaning even though the head or “glans” of the penis may be protected inside the foreskin, the outside can still get dry and ashy. Like any other skin, penis skin can itch and get sore. Likewise, red patches (it might resemble psoriasis), cuts on the foreskin, and general soreness from too much “death-grip” masturbation can also take its toll on the one of our most important organs: The skin. Yes, the skin is also an “organ”. In fact, it’s the body’s largest organ. It’s true. Google it. So penis + skin = 2 organs. Even more reason to take care of it / them.

Dew Serum for Men can help. Dew is more than a cream. In fact, it’s not a cream at all. It’s a ‘serum’ and the essential oils it contains are known for their soothing properties, and many are also anti-bacterial or anti-inflamatory. (You can check out the properties of various premium oils here.) Dew is not greasy though. After a minute or two it’s completely absorbed. It absorbs naturally without clogging pores. The result will be silky smooth skin without any residue or tackiness.

Circumcision can bring a different set of problems. Skin can be cut too tight, or poor surgery can result in unsightly scaring and discomfort during erections. Many resort to foreskin restoration techniques and again, Dew Serum can help. By promoting superior penis skin hydration, along with the soothing properties of essential oils, some of this discomfort may be relieved – especially while tugging and stretching the skin.

Circumcision also permanently exposes glans, and this can cause the skin to grow thicker over time (a process known as skin keratinization). Moisturizing the head of the penis with Dew Serum and then using with an artificial hood to keep it covered can help de-keratinize the skin, making the glans shiny and sensitive again.

Whatever the problem, check out Dew Serum for Men today – and find your route to healthier looking penile skin!